Gratis e-guide: Så skapar du en bättre relation med ditt barn

Ta del av vår guide med tips och stöd som kan hjälpa dig skapa en ännu bättre relation med ditt barn. Genom att ange din epost adress går du med på att få nyhetsbrev från Melodihuset. Avsluta din prenumeration när du vill. När du registrerat din e-post nedan kommer du dirigeras vidare till e-guiden.


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Creativity & Music

The Sacred Secrets of Sound


The Earthing Movie: A documentary about the powerful benefits of grounding

The scientist, professor, and member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Robin Wall Kimmerer takes the viewers on a guided nature tour of Clark Reservation State Park in NY in Spring. A place where she teaches her students, strengthening their relationship with nature through knowledge and storytelling gifts

”As teachers, what will berries teach us?” A talk about nature, and how to harvest berries with honor and respect

Society & Social Review

This is a clip from the documentary ”Zeitgeist: Addendum” explaining how money is created

With 40 years of research on the subject, actor Terrence Howard challenges societal norms by sharing his unique version of math, where 1 x 1 = 2

Sexuality, Life & Death

Three-part series about sexuality. Produced by a christian organization, but it explores sexuality from other religious and spiritual perspectives

An interview in Swedish discussing an alternative view on Transgenderism

Emotions & Relationships

Teal Swan offers advice for how to raise children in an ”in alignment” way

Neurological Diagnosis

Teal Swan offers a different way of understanding Autism and explains the purpose of autistic children and their gifts

Unschooling & Homeschooling

What is Unschooling? And how do you do it? Unschooling is about letting your child lead.

Explore possible obstacles that could hinder you from unschooling your children