Create your own music
- so that you don't die with your music still in you

We as humans are creative in nature. If we only truly knew this from an early age and were justly encouraged by our parents and given the right tools to bring our unique and wonderful ideas into physical reality, the world today would look much different than what it does. The educational system and our societies across the globe unanimously put higher value on productivity of non-creative work-fields, without understanding the value of artistic and musical creations.

The thing is some of us had higher degrees of luck, and had parents who did a beautiful job of seeing and valuing our innate talents. But most parents have a parenting mentality with total lack of trust and belief in their children and their creative abilities. Music is one of the magical art forms that we are here to spread to one another.

How conformism kills your creativity


One of the biggest reasons for why our society looks the way it does today when it comes to creativity and art, is that people live in a highly conformist way. And parents are, unfortunately, heavily influenced by society and its core values. They like to think that they have freedom but in reality, they don’t. This is something they feel only on a subconscious level and the way of living becomes mostly about survival. 

In our society the beliefs of the majority, whether or not those beliefs are actually healthy and conducive for human beings, usually wins. Governments and its forms have been completely influenced by big companies and therefore rapid economic growth for a long time. And economic growth in turn depends on technical, systematic, and academic work forces that are highly controllable. People in power frankly do not care about human beings truly succeeding in their creative endeavors and expression, and therefore fulfilling their biggest potential in their life. Anything that they can not control, they will try to diminish in some way or another. 

So as for parents they fall into the trap of certainty and safety when raising their children, in the name of “love”. Not wrongly of them, but if they only knew that the main societal system is built upon highly unhealthy and not-so benevolent bricks.

So many people of different ages are waking up to their musical and artistic abilities every day, specifically to the mechanism of channeling their inner voice and melodies, and experiencing the power that music holds. The only way to really embody that joy in real time is to follow your guiding system so that you open up to experimentation, true discovery and surrendering to being the channel for the universe to receive your specific messages that you are here to spread.

When you create your own music, you heal and transform

We expand the horizon of our consciousness when we create. We heal into being more of who we are. Music creation literally moves us into a brand new moment every step of the way. And through self-expression, we can fully feel the joy of being here on earth.  It is about receiving and honoring those specific messages that come to you, and to be the one who makes your own unique musical imprint on earth. 

We at Melodyhouse truly believe that music and musical creations belong to all of us whether it comes through text, our voice, an instrument or through something completely unique that we are yet to discover. 

For a musical idea to be realized it needs your free will, your personal ownership and acceptance. But you may have noticed that the universe can sometimes be not so gentle with telling you that. The sound of the knocking on the door usually gets louder and louder over time until it becomes undeniable. This happens because we are meant to be channels for our own expansion and for universal expansion at large. 

No pressure, but we can’t confuse our gifts and powers with something other than what they exactly are. To be frank, we at Melodyhouse do not want you to die with your music still in you. We want you to know that the world needs your music.
If you feel called to create your own music, regardless of where you are on your creative journey, you are more than welcome to check out our website.

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